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Our investment work is guided by an overall strategic vision to “do good.”

To us, “doing good” means: 1) producing more with less resources, 2) improving the quantity, accessibility and nutrition of food for a growing world population, 3) addressing hunger and hidden hunger through more nutritious diets, helping people live long, healthy lives, with a reduced health care cost and 4) providing economic opportunities that are win-win for investors, communities, and employees.

Doing good is a goal that evolves based on science, society’s needs, economics, the environment, evaluation, re-evaluation, and new knowledge.

Our efforts to “do good” are rooted in a vision of agriCULTURE as a process that cultivates not just the growth of food-producing companies, but the growth of a healthy society. The culture of our food system is directly related to the health, prosperity, and stability of our society.