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What is a typical AGR investment?

AGR’s preferred investment amount is $25mm to $75mm, structured as either equity, convertible debt, or subordinated debt.


What kind of businesses does AGR invest in?

AGR invests in companies along the agriculture and food value chain. The value chain includes agriculture inputs, production, food and beverage processors, food distribution, and infrastructure. The firm targets mature companies that are cash flow positive or have a high probability of becoming cash flow positive in the near term. AGR puts high emphasis on partnering with companies that have strong management teams and owners who share AGR’s values.


Does AGR invest in farmland?

Not as a direct investment. However, AGR may invest in companies that own farmland as part of a vertically integrated business strategy.


Where does AGR invest?

AGR invests in the USA and globally in OECD and investment grade countries.


With whom does AGR partner on investments?

AGR seeks to partner with other capital providers, cooperatives, management teams, and family owners that share AGR’s values. The firm only considers investments where management and owners welcome AGR’s capital and involvement. AGR will not partner with activist shareholders or be involved in hostile takeovers.


How does AGR invest with family businesses?

AGR invests in family businesses, typically when a family owner seeks a liquidity event or the company desires expansion capital. AGR’s long-term investment horizon means that it is more aligned with family owners, and can invest with similar perspectives and duration.


Does AGR invest in publicly listed companies?

AGR may invest in public companies when 1) the investment in public equity shares is superior to a comparable investment in a private company 2) management welcomes AGR’s capital and involvement 3) the investment time horizon is long enough to capture our identified secular trends and 4) we have the ability to be on the board or introduce valuable people to be on the board to help maximize company value.


Who are AGR’s investors?

AGR does not disclose its investors. Its investors are well capitalized, share AGR’s values and are long term focused with decades of experience investing in farmland, food companies, and agribusiness.


How is AGR different from other private equity firms?

AGR’s people differentiate from other private equity firms. Agriculture is not a “fad investment” for AGR’s team members. The team’s professional experience of both operating and managing agribusinesses and investing in them gives them unique insight into the people and both the secular and cyclical forces impacting agriculture.


What is the meaning behind the logo?

The logo is inspired by the Fibonacci sequence, in which growth is based on the golden ratio, or φ. Approximations of the Fibonacci spiral appear abundantly in agriculture and in nature. It is a precise trajectory of natural growth that starts out small and increases patiently and exponentially with time. We approach our investments the same way—long-term, compounding growth is a force of nature.