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AGR Partners is a long-term, knowledgeable, and nimble capital provider rooted in agriculture and the agribusiness value chain. Our team is comprised of professionals with experience managing and investing in food companies and agribusinesses. Our decades of experience building long-term collaborative relationships within the industry enables us to source proprietary investments and add operational and strategic value to the companies in which we invest. Our headquarters is based in the fertile agricultural region of California, with an additional office in the Midwest-the center of food processing in the US. Our team members and advisors have lived and worked in the food and agribusiness industry across the globe.

Our behavior and approach is different than private equity firms that seek controlling interests in companies. Our success is rooted in our ability to create constructive, mutually beneficial partnerships. To us, companies in the food and agriculture value chain are multi-generational assets that require financial partners that are suited to its long-term nature. AGR maintains a long-term investment horizon that is aligned with our partners.

Our firm’s structure enables us to be flexible in how we invest in companies. We tailor each transaction to meet the goals of all involved. Investments can be in the form of convertible debt, common stock or hybrid securities in private and occasionally publicly listed companies. AGR’s goal is to have fewer, longer-term investment partners and fewer portfolio companies to minimize complexity and risk. In addition, AGR’s goal is to have minimal portfolio turnover and high quality partnerships with alignment of interests between our investors and company partners.

We strive to be good stewards of our investors’ money, our partners’ trust, our natural resources, and the communities in which we invest. Stewardship is “doing good” by: 1) producing more with less, 2) improving the quantity, accessibility, and nutrition of food for a growing world population, 3) addressing hunger and hidden hunger through more nutritious diets, helping people live long, healthy lives, with a reduced health care cost, and 4) providing economic opportunities that are win-win for investors, communities, and employees.