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Preferred Investments

Investment Types

  • Majority, minority and growth capital investments
  • Equity in private and publicly listed companies
  • Convertible debt
  • Subordinated debt

Transaction Size

  • Investment size of $25-250 million with the ability to do smaller strategic acquisitions by portfolio companies

What We Invest In

  • Agribusinesses and food companies in the traditional value chain
  • Companies focused on healthy living products: superfoods and nutraceuticals
  • Higher growth sectors including vegetable and animal based protein, including seafood
  • Companies serving higher food demand needs in emerging markets
  • Businesses with real assets as a hedge against quantitative easing and inflation
  • Organizations that have partners with aligned goals, including cooperatives or family-owned companies

How We Invest

  • Long-term capital appreciation, with dividends
  • Growth capital
  • Acquisition capital
  • Privatization capital
  • Special situations capital includes:
    • Contrarian and counter-cyclical investments
    • Paradigm and long-term trend shifts
    • Bankruptcy and post re-organization companies
    • Divestments of orphan assets or divisions


  • Member countries of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and investment-grade countries