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AGR Partners Provides Capital for Soybean Crushing Plant

Shell Rock Soy Processing (SRSP) LLC has raised the necessary capital to complete the construction of a high-volume, soybean crushing plant, creating new jobs and expanding market opportunities for producers across Iowa. Funding partners include Mid-Iowa Cooperative and AGR Partners, which provides capital and support to growing companies in the agribusiness sector.

AGR Partners Completes Purchase of Green Plains Cattle Company

Davis, Calif., October 13th, 2020 – AGR Partners LLC (“AGR”), along with existing co-investor StepStone Group, completed the purchase of Green Plains Inc.’s remaining 50% ownership in their joint venture in Green Plains Cattle Company LLC (“GPCC”), the fourth largest cattle feeder in the United States. With the completion of this transaction, investment funds managed by AGR will become the majority owners of GPCC.

AGR and StepStone Group originally completed the purchase of a 50% ownership stake of GPCC in September 2019. Since then, GPCC has experienced record operating performance. The management team continues to implement best-in-class processes including risk management to help manage industry disruptions and deliver consistency for its suppliers and customers.

AGR Partners Announces Sale of 3D Corporate Solutions’ Land-Based Animal Protein Division

Davis, Calif., May 31, 2019—AGR Partners LLC (“AGR”), with the ESOP shareholders and founders, announced today the completion of the sale of 3D Corporate Solutions’ Land-Based Animal Protein Division (“3D”) to Olympus Partners in partnership with 3D founders Ed Mareth and Kevin Keeling and the senior management team.

AGR provided growth capital to 3D in July 2015. Since then 3D has grown significantly to expand its products and services to the pet food industry. “AGR understood our business and the importance of our people. They have been great partners and always supported our growth,” said 3D’s Co-Founder Kevin Keeling.

AGR Partners Announces Partnership with Titan Farms

AGR Partners provides growth capital to South Carolina-based peach production and processing company

DAVIS, Calif., April 20, 2018— AGR Partners announces the firm’s new partnership with Titan Farms, a South Carolina-based, vertically integrated leader in peach production and processing. AGR’s capital will support the company’s current operations and growth plans.

“We are excited to partner with Chalmers and Lori Anne Carr and the Titan Farms team to support their growing business,” said Ejnar Knudsen, CEO of AGR Partners. “The AGR team looks forward to working with a premier fresh fruit and vegetable packer and processor.”

Vintage Wine Estates Announces New Investment Partner

Pat Roney, CEO/President of Vintage Wine Estates announced that AGR Partners, an investment firm dedicated to food and agribusiness, has provided growth capital through a minority equity stake in the company.

“We are delighted to enter into a partnership with AGR Partners,” commented Roney. “They understand the agricultural nature of our business and are fully on-board with our growth and long-term acquisition strategy.”

Salmon: “Healthy, Wealthy & Wise”

Aquaculture has experienced an extraordinary rise over the past 40 years to become a major contributor to the world’s food supply. The leading trend driving global aquaculture is the same as the trend driving growth in the beef, pork and poultry industries: as world’s population grows and people become wealthier, they consume more protein. The commercial salmon industry, born just thirty years ago, is the third largest aquaculture specie by volume and is poised for continued growth. It has been one of agriculture’s great success stories.

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AGR Partners supports the Cooke Family to Purchase Icicle Seafoods

Blacks Harbour NB, Canada: The Cooke family has completed the purchase of Icicle Seafoods, Inc and is pleased to have been able to work with AGR Partners, an investment firm dedicated to long-term, non- controlling equity investments in the food and agriculture value-chain, as a minority partner.

The purchase includes Icicle’s three business units, which harvest and process over 150,000 metric tonnes of seafood annually: wild salmon, groundfish and farmed Atlantic salmon.

With a worldwide network of cold storage and distribution facilities, Cooke will offer a large portfolio of seafood protein from the ocean – both farmed and wild – to a broad base of customers in the global marketplace.

AGR Partners Announces Growth Capital Investment for Almark Foods

AGR Partners, a provider of minority equity and subordinated debt to food and agribusiness companies, announces a new partnership and a significant growth capital investment in Georgia-based Almark Foods.

Almark Foods is a leading provider of hard-boiled, peeled eggs to retailers, convenience stores, restaurant chains and salad manufacturers nationwide. Founded in Gainesville, Ga., in 1979, Almark has expanded to three facilities which produce a variety of egg products including peeled and ready-to-eat hard-cooked eggs, frozen diced eggs, deviled egg kits and colored Easter eggs.

“This is a significant strategic partnership for Almark Foods and we’re very pleased to have the support of AGR Partners,” said Don Stoner, president of Almark. “AGR’s long-term vision for the business is consistent with and complementary to our ESOP employee ownership model, and their investment enables us to accelerate our expansion plans in order to serve our customers’ needs.”

AGR Partners to move headquarters to Davis

Investment firm AGR Partners is moving its headquarters to Davis to be closer to the food and agriculture hub around the University of California Davis.

The company is now based in Visalia and has an office in Chicago.

AGR invests internationally in food and agriculture companies. Since launching two years ago, AGR has made $150 million in investments, and it has access to $650 million in deployable funds, said managing partner Ejnar Knudsen. It invests on behalf of insurance companies and institutional investors.

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Opal Foods Acquires Moark’s Midwest Egg Production Assets

Opal Foods, an entity created by AGR Partners in association with Rose Acre Farms and Weaver Brothers, has purchased Moark’s Midwest egg production assets.

Opal Foods expects annual revenues to exceed $200 million with its operations in Missouri and Colorado, as well as a new cage-free farm in Neosho. Many of the farms purchased were recently renovated to comply with California’s future production standards, and some will be among the most modern in the country.