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AGR Partners makes strategic investments across the food chain, leveraging our capital to “do good” for our partners and communities. Our efforts are guided by the following core values:

Good Stewardship

We practice excellent stewardship of our partners’ trust and our firm’s reputation. Good stewardship is achieved by partnering with companies with similar values and through strategic thinking that focuses on the horizon. Our goal is to ensure a reliable, productive, and prosperous future for our partners.


We follow through on our word, and we strive to demonstrate personal integrity in our interactions. Our work is guided by a commitment to making ethical decisions that pay dividends both personally and professionally, in the short term and the long term.


The quality of our work comes from our respect for the entire food value chain: from the land and sea to the hardworking men and women who produce and process our food; to the complex network of distribution channels that span the globe. We respect the historical lessons of prior generations who helped build today’s food system, and we are dedicated to continuously learning new ways to provide value to our partners.


We value truth over harmony in our communication, and maintain both respect and care in our relationships with each other, the companies in which we invest, and with our capital partners. We believe that candor is foundational to building productive working relationships and are committed to doing so with good intent and a positive attitude.

Relationship Building

Our success is rooted in our ability to create constructive, mutually beneficial partnerships with the right people. We are a collaborative hub, building strategic alliances among our investors, portfolio company owners and management teams, and other industry participants to deliver positive, profitable and sustainable results.