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Walter Locher

Walter has worked in international business for 50 years. Most recently (2000-2011), Walter was a partner and senior advisor at Emerald Technology Ventures, a Swiss-based venture capital fund focusing on energy, water, and advanced materials. Prior to that, Walter served seven years as CEO of Anderson Clayton Corp., a Volkart-owned cotton processing company with 40 facilities in Arizona and California, employing 1,200 people. During that time, he was also President of Volkart International, Inc., an international cotton trading house. And from 1981-1990, he held various top-management positions at Volkart Brothers Holding Ltd., a prominent international trading house in the physical commodities business, based in Switzerland. Throughout his career, he has held managerial positions in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the USA. He has served as a board member for companies around the world, both public and private, including: AgraQuest, Inc., AquaSpy Group, SDC Materials Inc., Costa Terra SGPS (Portugal), and Tandou Ltd. (Australia).  In 1999, Walter served on the advisory board for vTraction, a Rabobank subsidiary making early-stage investments in agriculture internet technology companies. Walter enjoys giving back to his community through various volunteer activities. He and his wife live in Phoenix, Arizona.